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Smart Meter Initiative


Contact: Town of Lakeview,
Jeff Marshall, Public Works Director
Scott Langum,  Special Projects Director
Phone: (541) 947-2020

Smart Meter Initiative

Lakeview, Oregon, October 14, 2021 – The Town of Lakeview is starting an 18–24-month project to change out all residential water meters to residential smart meters. Public Works will begin replacing old meters late next week, starting on Roberta Road. A Public Works employee or Plumber, Ken Vanhoesen, will knock on your door prior to beginning work. You will experience a brief interruption with your water usage–between 30 minutes to an hour, depending upon the old meter. The old meter will be removed and replaced with the new smart meter. Your water will be flushed outside before being turned back on. We will leave you a notification and meter information after the installation is complete.

What’s the benefit? The smart meter will enable you to see detailed energy usage and will secure fair and accurate usage billing.

What is a Smart Meter? flowIQ® 2100 is based on the latest ultrasonic technology. The water meter has no moving parts and maintains its pinpoint accuracy throughout its entire lifetime of up to 20 years. The smart water meter has industry-leading low flow accuracy to ensure that even very low flows are measured down to the very last drop. This secures a fair and correct billing, by improving the quality of data. The residential water meter, the flowIQ® 2100 comes with integrated communication that allows for safe and easy remote reading without any add-on devices. This means that we can say goodbye to manual meter readings and estimated calculations. With the data from flowIQ® 2100, you are well prepared to handle customer inquiries, and you can give the end-users access to detailed information about their own consumption.

Intelligent alarms from the water meter lets us detect leaks and bursts or other irregularities such as tampering attempts or reverse flows quickly and effectively. This limits water loss as well as any collateral damage. At the same time, the Kamstrup flowIQ® 2100 water meter enables us to monitor both the ambient temperature as well as the temperature of the water. This forewarns of any risks of bursts due to frost damages or changes in the water quality.

If you have questions about smart meters or the installation process, please call Town Hall at (541) 947-2020. We thank you for your support and welcome your feedback throughout this important project. The Town of Lakeview will continue to provide you with the necessary information and education about our smart meter initiative and what you can expect along the way.

Town of Lakeview (“Town”) Town is home to approximately 2,300 persons and is located in Lake County, Oregon. Town is managed by a town manager. The town manager oversees the public works department, fire department, police department and town hall administration. The public works department over sees the town’s municipal utilities (water and wastewater) and transportation system (streets). The public works crew operates and maintains the public facilities and utilities that are provided by Town.


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