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It’s That Time of Year Again - Street Sweeping and Preparing for Snow Plowing

The Town of Lakeview, Public Works department sweeps all streets during the year. Fall is one of the busy seasons for street sweeping, we see leaves, leave and more leave. Street sweeping is highly weather dependent and because of this no set schedule is available at this time. During the fall, our goal is to sweep after most of the leaves that have fallen and before temperatures cause debris on the street to freeze. The schedule is dependent on daily progress ​which can be affected by parked vehicles, weather conditions, equipment availability and other priorities.

Street sweeping assists in removing leaves and other debris, however, streets will accumulate debris or leaves that are blown from yards between sweeping cycles. Sweeping the streets helps keep our community clean. When leaves and other debris builds up in the streets, it can clog storm drains and cause local flooding.

Here are a few friendly reminders to help our team of street sweepers and help in preparing for future snow plowing efforts on all residential streets:

  1. On sweep/snowplow days: Uptown, move your vehicle(s) by 2:00 AM. Hospitals and Schools, move your vehicle(s) by 4:00 AM. Other residential areas, move your vehicle(s) by 8:00 AM. One parked vehicle prevents on average three or more car lengths of curb from being swept. *Reminder* At no time during the year shall trailers, travel trailers, motor homes or boats be parked on the street. This rule is especially important when it comes time for Public Works to sweep and plow our streets.There shall be no tolerance between November 1 and March 31. All year this is rule is to be followed; any person violating these provisions may be subject to towing and fines.
  2. Resident, property, and businesses owners should take note that sweeping leaves from private property into the street is illegal. Do not sweep leaves, dirt, garbage, or additional debris onto the streets, it is a finable offense.
  3. Home and property owners, who, if physically able, should try and keep storm drains nearby clear.
  4. Remove basketball backboards and trash cans from the street.
  5. Prune overhanging tree branches above the street and gutter to avoid damaging the sweeping equipment and above the sidewalk for pedestrian safety. Pruning street trees is at the property owner’s responsibility.

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