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Tri-Cities Coalition in Eastern Oregon


BURNS, JOHN DAY and LAKEVIEW, Or. – October 28, 2020 – The City of Burns (Harney County), the City of John Day (Grant County) and the Town of Lakeview (Lake County) today announced that they have entered into a Memo of Understanding (MOU) Governmental agreement to be formalized though Oregon Revised Statue 190 to create a Tri-Cities Coalition in Eastern Oregon. 

The first objective of the Tri-Cities is to build 300 houses in Rural Oregon – 100 houses, to each city — over the next 5-years.  With a $60,000 Planning Assistance grant award for 2021-2023 from the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) the Tri-Cities will bring, to the best of our knowledge, the first 3D printed homes to Oregon.  The grant award will develop 4 unique floor plans for single family, cottage cluster and multi-family to be approved using 3D printing technology and other innovative construction methods.  The Ridge, a master planned development, approved by John Day’s planning commission will be the first city to received 10-12 dwelling units as housing for disabled Veterans and other socioeconomically disadvantaged groups.

The single-story, 3D printer will be used in John Day in 2022 to print the foundations and both the exterior and interior walls.  This advanced technology will print each dwelling unit in 48 hours or less, completing the entire project in about three weeks.  The Tri-Cities and ECONorthwest will model the economics of the development, then the 3D printer will travel south from John Day to Burns and then to Lakeview. At each city the lessons learned in John Day will allow modifications with the approach, with the goal of creating up to 36 new homes in southeastern Oregon in a single season. This eventual refined model will then be used to scale housing in these areas in 2023 and beyond.

Beyond housing the Tri-Cities, will develop & achieve greater economies of scale and increased economic gains by pooling public assets across multiple jurisdictions; facilitating public private partnerships; and managing complex community development and capital improvement projects through a single government agency. This innovation and adaptive approach has already engaged networks of diverse stakeholders to advance progress towards the Tri-Cities’ vision. 

The Tri-Cities want to protect and increase the value of their collective and independent investments. Unlike commercial entities that have access to legal and financial structures such as joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions, municipalities have to find more creative ways to capture external innovation.

So how are they going to harness the proposed tri-city municipal portfolio management approach? They will reimagine (1) investment structures and partnership models to engage new and more diverse types of partners, moving beyond the traditional mindset; and (2) dedicated functions within government that have the capabilities to connect new ideas.

Tri-Cities will use three “investment strategies” and outline core capabilities as part of a new government growth model.

Greater investment in innovation: investing and bringing technology to the Eastern Oregon Frontier earlier by way of broadband.

Greater distribution of innovation: by managing the Tri-Cities as an investment portfolio they will create a greater number of players and products to add to the global supply chain of new ideas as the market continues to proliferate.

Greater public-private partnerships (3Ps): engaging others who have assets or capabilities that could accelerate or help.

Developing a new strategy of growth will attract mutual advantage. Opportunities will be addressing complex environments with the interplay of finding relief from existing and over burdening regulations. Tailoring strategies for growth will make each of our communities more sought after and allow a stronger foothold in a global marketplace.


 Additional Information

City of Burns
City Manager, Daniel Brown

City of John Day
City Manager, Nicholas Green

Town of Lakeview
Town Manager, Michele Parry

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