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Progression of the Lakeview Water Treatment Facility

Progression of the Lakeview Water Treatment Facility

Lakeview, Oregon, September 8, 2022 – The Lakeview Water Treatment Facility project remains on track and within budget. The Town’s water supply suffers from heightened levels of iron and manganese. The Town has shut off its “north well” because of arsenic levels. The Water Treatment Facility is being constructed to treat the groundwater and provide clean drinking water to the community that meets primary and secondary regulatory water quality criteria.

Business Oregon: The Town of Lakeview received the American Rescue Plan Act, Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund, Town of Lakeview, Water Treatment Facility, Project Number SR2239 Contract Documents on August 16, 2022. This Contract includes Exhibit A – Project Description and Budget and Reporting Requirements, and Exhibit B – Federal Award Information. The full grant amount of $15,000,000 is not distributed; allotments are given as work is completed. Reporting is required.

Phase 1
Estimated Project Cost: $831,280.
Grant Amount: $831,280
Full Grant Amount: $15,000,000.
Phase I Completion Deadline: 1 May 2023
Project Completion Deadline: 1 September 2026.


Project Description:
Phase 1:
The Recipient will, with the assistance of a professional engineer licensed in Oregon, complete preliminary engineering to evaluate the best alternatives for a water treatment system. The Preliminary Engineering Report will be reviewed and approved by Oregon Health Authority – Drinking Water Services and submitted to OBDD. Phase 1 of the Project includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Preliminary Engineering Report – Alternatives Analysis:
    COMPLETED: Water Quality Sampling, Testing, and Data Analysis.
    COMPLETED: Water Treatment Facility Process and Technology Alternatives Analysis.
    COMPLETED: Combined vs. Separate Treatment Facilities.
    NOVEMBER 2022: Pilot Water Treatment Setup and Testing.
    JANUARY 2023: Pre-Design Report.
    Informational Meeting – October 25, 2022: Public Involvement/Outreach.
  2.  Property Acquisition of Water Treatment Site and Easements
    COMPLETED: Determine necessary land area required.
    COMPLETED: Site acquisition.
    COMPLETED: Acquisition of easements.
  3.  MAY 2023: Final Design – 30 Percent
    Prepare 30 percent design drawings
    30 percent drawings will include type, size, and location of major facilities and equipment.
    Obtain engineer’s estimate of construction costs for water treatment system.
    Drawings and cost estimate for water treatment system delivered to Town, stakeholders, and agencies for review and approval.

To review the STATE OF OREGON CORONAVIRUS STATE FISCAL RECOVERY FUND GRANT AGREEMENT, Contract Number: SR2239, Project Name: Water Treatment Facility, please visit and scroll down to Project Supporting Documents.

Town Council Special Session: On October 25, 2022, an informational meeting will be held at Town Hall, 525 North 1st Street, Lakeview, OR 97630. The topic of this session will be an update on the new Water Treatment Facility. The Town of Lakeview invites and encourages the public to attend and participate in this meeting. Troy Baker, Senior Engineer of Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc., and Amber Hudspeth, Scientist of Hudspeth Land + Water will be present for questions. This meeting is designed to go over the progress of the project thus far. Scott Langum, Special Projects Director will lead the meeting and assist with directing questions and answers to the appropriate expert. Questions will be open to the public.

The Town intends to keep the community updated on the progress of the Water Treatment Facility project. If you have questions or concerns regarding the Water Treatment Facility, please attend Town Council meetings and/or call Special Projects Director, Scott Langum at (541) 257-5485.

Town of Lakeview (“Town”) Town is home to approximately 2,300 persons and is in Lake County, Oregon. The Town is managed by a Town Manager. The Town Manager oversees the public works department, fire department, 9-1-1 dispatch, and town hall administration. The public works department oversees the Town’s municipal utilities (water and wastewater) and transportation system (streets). The public works crew operates and maintains the public facilities and utilities that are provided by Town.

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