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McDonald City Park Splash Pad Project Receives Additional Funding

McDonald City Park Splash Pad Project Receives Additional Funding

Contact: Town of Lakeview
Shiela Strubel, Communications
Phone: (541) 947-2020

Lakeview, Oregon, September 21, 2022 – This past summer, J.T. McDonald Children’s Park, also known as the “Kiddie Park,” was scheduled to undergo upgrades and improvements, including the addition of an interactive splash pad. This was the initial plan. The Town then received additional grants, allowing for extra modifications and a substantial upgrade to the splash pad system.

The Town was initially awarded a $75,000 grant from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Local Government Grant Program. Since then, the Town received additional funds; the Collins Companies Foundation awarded the Town $200,000 and the Pacific Power Foundation donated $2,500.00 in support of the large art mural installment. Artist Maizie Langum finished painting the mural this past August. The Town is thankful for the two awarded grants and the donation; this project would not be possible without their funding.

The substantial upgrade adds a reuse system to the splash pad. Instead of simply flushing the water from the splash pad, the wastewater will be recycled into the irrigation system. The irrigation system will recirculate the water to be reused to water the park’s grounds. The ability to conserve water is an exciting feature, especially given the drought conditions that our community is presently facing.

The park will receive a new shade structure, a family barbeque, picnic tables, two wheelchair-accessible picnic tables, and benches. A chess board will be located on one of the tables. All throughout the park, there will be ADA-accessible sidewalks, creating a beautiful, usable path for everyone. An ADA-accessible ramp and van parking stall. Providing an inviting and welcoming outdoor space for the community.

Engineer Dan Scalas of Adkins Engineering & Surveying says, “I fully expect the project to go to bid this fall and be ready for use next summer.”

The Town of Lakeview has contracted the professional engineering of Adkins Consulting Engineering, LLP, an Oregon limited liability partnership d/b/a Adkins Engineering & Surveying, 1435 Esplanade Avenue, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601.

See below for updated site plan rendering. Color renderings will be shared with the community once they are completed and available. For additional project details, visit

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