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Potential Flood Planning

Potential Flood Planning

 Lakeview, Oregon, December 22, 2022 – Working together, the Town of Lakeview, Lake County, the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department, and the Lake County Chamber of Commerce are getting prepared for the potential of a flood. Instead of reacting, we are taking proactive measures. December 21st, a meeting was conducted to lay out a plan of action and talk about what has and hasn’t worked in the past. On December 22, we are all actively preparing in case of a flood.

Brett Smith, Fire Management Planning Specialist stated, “The following few days (Thursday, December 22, through Monday, December 26,) are predicted to be warm with a few nights staying above freezing, which may encourage 24-hour melting. However, the precipitation prediction for that time period is very mild with only about a quarter inch expected overall. I suppose that under these circumstances, “constant” runoff would rise rather than perhaps a rapid burst in stream flow?

The weather they talk about for Tuesday 27th through Tuesday January 3rd includes much, much more precipitation. One model I looked at showed total precipitation accumulation during that time of 1.5 to 2 inches. The big variable to watch during that time is the temperature which is currently forecast to be right around freezing – little above during the day, little below overnight. If temperatures are just a few degrees cooler this could turn into a major snow event as 1.5 to 2 inches of precipitation generally equates to 15 to 20 inches of snow (10:1 ratio). A few degrees warmer than forecast and all that precipitation will fall as rain and raise flooding concerns.”

What actions are being taken? Sandbags are being assembled and stored. Public Works has been clearing streets, storm drains and opened head gates at Roberta. The Town has contracted Pardue Construction and Dog Lake Construction to assist with clearing storm drains. Public Works was able to clear away a portion of debris in Bullard Canyon Creek and Deadman Canyon Creek during the summer. Lakeview Ready-Mix was contracted to use riprap to build up sides of Deadman Canyon Creek culvert at E Street to help reduce erosion. Pardue Construction was contracted to clear a rock obstruction in Deadman Canyon Creek.

 Action teams have been assigned. Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department has been placed on standby to help coordinate and respond quickly if they are needed. In our opinion, we are better prepared for a flood than we were in 2019.

How can members of the community help? Thomas Creek and Westside property owners please open head gates and irrigation channels for the next week to prepare for the possibility of a flood. When needed, we will announce volunteer organization details.

The Town of Lakeview and the Chamber of Commerce will announce any updates. Updates can be found on, the radio, the Town’s, the Chamber of Commerce’s, and the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department’s social media pages, and the new TV screen in the Town’s lower-level window.

Questions and concerns, please direct to the Town of Lakeview at (541) 947-2020.

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