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Rain, Snow, Potential Flooding

Rain, Snow, Potential Flooding

Lakeview, Oregon, March 14, 2023 – In December 2022, the Town of Lakeview, Lake County, and the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department did the work to prepare for potential flooding. We are prepared and have a well-thought-out plan of action in case of a flood.

Several of us have received multiple calls about flooding. Currently, we are watching water levels. We are prepared! We have taken precautions to make sure all gates are open; sandbags for main street flooding are filled and we have crews checking all areas.

Action teams have been assigned. Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department and Public Works are on standby to help coordinate and respond quickly if they are needed.

How can members of the community help? Thomas Creek and Westside property owners please open head gates and irrigation channels for the next week to prepare for the possibility of a flood. When needed, we will announce volunteer organization details.

Volunteers are needed today for sandbagging. If you are a community member and need sandbags and sand, we have a filling station available at the Lake County Fairgrounds. Lakeview Volunteer Firefighters are available there to assist those that need assistance. Please only get sandbags if you need them for flooding. Volunteers will be at the fairground until 6 PM tonight. They may return tomorrow if needed.

The Town of Lakeview and the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department will announce any updates. Updates can be found on, the radio, the Town’s and the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department’s social media pages, and the new TV screen in the Town’s lower-level window.

For questions and concerns, please direct calls to dispatch at (541) 947-2504 and the Town of Lakeview at (541) 947-2020.

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