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Pilot Water Treatment Setup and Testing for the Water Treatment Facility

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Pilot Water Treatment Setup and Testing for the Water Treatment Facility

Lakeview, Oregon – May 11, 2023: Beginning on May 15, 2023, the Town of Lakeview will be conducting a pilot water treatment study for the water treatment facility. The trailer-mounted facility will be located in the Town’s parking lot. Loprest was awarded the Procurement Contract for the pilot study.

Pilot tests conducted at numerous facilities demonstrate that Loprest treatment processes successfully reduce iron, manganese, arsenic, nitrate, and many other select contaminants in drinking water to well below the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL). Loprest will provide a trailer-mounted pilot unit, including unit delivery, setup, and operation. Upon completion of the pilot study, Loprest will prepare a Pilot Study Report and a detailed cost proposal for a full-scale system.

Purpose of the Pilot Study

  • Demonstrate the removal of the contaminant to comply with the MCL
  • Demonstrate the simplicity of operation of the Loprest treatment process
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of Loprest’s Water Scour System.
  • Complete piloting requirements for regulatory approval
  • Evaluate media performance

Loprest Water Pilot Program

  • Project specific test protocol
  • Configured for Fe, Mn, As, Nitrate and Hardness in single or combined removal processes
  • Pilot unit is completely self-contained and ready to operate when it arrives on-site
  • Operator training will occur when pilot unit arrives
  • All necessary supplies & equipment will be provided with the pilot unit
  • Length of pilot test is typically 3-5 days but can take up to 3 weeks.
  • Utility monitors operation and collects samples

The trailer-mounted pilot unit is a self-contained, heated, 8’ x 16’ fully enclosed trailer and can be in operation within hours of arrival. The pilot unit equipment is mounted inside the trailer, along with tools, sampling and monitoring equipment, a work area, and an inventory of supplies and materials necessary for operating the pilot unit.

The setup of the pilot unit consists of securing and leveling the trailer onsite, and connecting the water source, discharge, and electrical power. The Utility will need to provide a single 120VAC, 15-amp outlet, an access point for source water, and a discharge point for treated water. Electrical power is connected via a drop cord. The sample water inlet and treated discharge are connected to the trailer with external garden hose connections.

The media filter columns are backwashed automatically using one of several backwash trigger points set at the PLC controller. Set points for filter backwash can be initiated manually, by operating time intervals, filter differential pressure loss, or filtered water discharge conditions. Based upon the filter run requirements and the testing protocol for the test(s) a filter backwash frequency is selected. Backwashing of the filter units is accomplished by directing treated and finished water from the integrated treated water collection tank. Backwash water supply is directed automatically to each filter column sequentially in an up-flow direction through the media column to expand the media bed and release the collected solids to exit out of the top of the filter media column. The backwashed liquid and solids are sent to the wastewater discharge connection out of the trailer.

Once the pilot unit is in operation, Loprest will instruct the operating staff regarding the pilot unit operation and monitoring and sampling procedures. The number of samples and frequency of collection will be determined by Loprest for each pilot study and may require modifications during the course of the study.  When the pilot test is completed and all laboratory results are received, a pilot study report will be delivered to the Town. The pilot study report is typically completed within 15 to 30 days.

What’s Next:

  • Loprest completes Pilot Study
  • If Pilot Study documents proof that proposed system successfully treats water, execute Procurement Contract between Town and Loprest.
  • Complete Phase 1 (Pre-design report and 30 percent design) based on Water Treatment Facility equipment package.

Anticipated Water Treatment Facility Project Schedule:

  • Phase 1 (30% Design) – Dec. 2023
  • Phase 2 (Final Design/Bidding) – Sept. 2024
  • Water Treatment Facility Equipment Package Delivery – Aug. 2025
  • Phase 3 (Construction – 18 months) – Aug. 2026

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