Understanding the Air Quality Index

The Air Quality Index known as AQI is a measure of how clean or polluted the air is.  It ranges from 0-500 and is broken down into six different categories. The categories are usually color coordinated. Numbers above 100 indicate poor air quality and numbers under 100 indicate relatively good air quality. If you begin experiencing any respiratory symptoms you should proceed to your local physician for evaluation.

Use the Air Quality Index (AQI)

Lakeview’s air quality is currently being measured on the corner of Center and South M Street. DEQ’s Air Quality Index (AQI). Click on “PM2.5” at left, then Lakeview’s dot on the map. EPA’s AirNow has current air quality and maps showing regional wildfires and smoke announcements. Oregon Smoke Blog shares informational articles as well as a fire and smoke and map. Search for DEQ’s  “Oregon Air” app in your phone’s App Store.  If unable to check air quality, use the visibility index.

A Guide to Air Quality and Your Health

This booklet explains EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI) and the health effects of major air pollutants.

Download Booklet

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