Welcome to Oregon's Tallest Town

Lakeview, Oregon

Lakeview is a revitalizing and economically growing community that offers a variety of business, housing and educational opportunities.

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Town Council Sessions and Meetings

January 10, 2022 Planning Commission 6:30 PM

January 11, 2021 Regular Session 5:00 PM

January 25, 2022 Regular Session 5:00 PM

February 8, 2022 Regular Session 5:00 PM

February 14, 2022 Planning Commission 6:30 PM

February 22, 2022 Regular Session 5:00 PM

NOTICE:  We are currently working on updating and adding information to our website, please be patient with us as changes and updates are made.  Visit our site often to see our progress. Our goal is to be transparent and informative. Thank you.

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“The mission of the Town of Lakeview is to provide citizens with a safe, family-oriented community while promoting sustainable development of our human economic and natural resources.  We progressively seek a positive future while honoring our heritage.”