During certain types of disasters, you may need to leave your home in order to remain safe. Your family disaster plan should include locations to which you and your pets can evacuate (which might include an emergency shelter) and a way for family members to stay in contact. Be sure to sign up for OR-Alert to get notifications about emergencies near your home, business, school or other locations. 

It is crucial to understand that access to evacuated locations will likely be restricted until the situation is secure. Residents will require evidence of their address in circumstances where admission is permitted in some cases (such as a government-issued ID). You won’t have to leave your house, but if you do, you might not be able to come back until the threat has gone. Citizens must avoid the evacuated area to ensure everyone’s safety so that emergency personnel can try to damage to homes and businesses as little as possible.

Evacuating when requested permits emergency personnel to concentrate on disaster control rather than saving the lives of those who have decided to remain. Take your pets with you as you flee. Remember, if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for them! Animals, in fact, can distract or harm emergency responders who are attempting to save homes and property.

Photo Credit: South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership – SCOFMP

Know Your Zone

Zones and maps are being updated. Coming soon: LEARN MORE

Know Your Alerts

Know the three levels of evacuation and how to receive evacuation orders. Level 1: Get ReadyLevel 2-Get SetLevel3: Go! During a wildfire you may be asked to evacuate your home. You may have hours to evacuate or only minutes to flee. It is vital you understand Lakeview’s/Lake County’s three levels of evacuation, and be prepared to receive evacuation orders. The three levels of evacuation are: LEARN MORE

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the town's and county's evacuation plan?

The Town’s and Lake County’s evacuation plan and maps are currently being updated. Coming soon.

Are there dedicated areas within town and the county that are identified as a safe shelter areas, without evacuating completely out of the area?

Dedicated locations to come soon.

How and when will the evacuation be communicated to the public?

OR-Alert, local TV and radio stations have been asked to broadcast periodic updates. Notices will be given on through the Town’s social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram. Evacuation information is also available at: LEARN MORE

Where can Lakeview residents view the Town of Lakeview evacuation plan?

The evacuation plan is currently being updated, will be available soon.

What should I expect in an evacuation?

You may have hours to evacuate or only minutes to flee. If you have signed up for the OR-Alert, you will first receive a text or call via the Lake County/Lakeview Oregon Emergency Alert Program informing you of any evacuation orders. Evacuation orders will specify which zones are affected; it may be only one zone, it could be for all zones.  If the evacuation order states that the affected zone(s) are now at Level 3, or Go!, you must evacuate immediately.  You will not have time to second-guess what you decided to include in your “GO” kit. You should expect traffic to be heavy on exit routes in any evacuation scenario, especially any situation where a fire starts close to town. 

Emergency Resources

Town of Lakeview Website: CLICK HERE or (541) 947-2020
Lake County Website: CLICK HERE or (541) 947-6003
Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Management Division Website: CLICK HERE or (541) 947-6027

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