Evacuation Zones

Know Your Zone

This page is in progress and will be updated as maps and additional information are created.

Lakeview has #of zones (?) evacuation zones that can be evacuated one at a time or in blocks of zones. ZONES ARE NOT NUMBERED BY PRIORITY! So, Zone 1 will not always be the first zone to evacuate…it could be the last depending on where the emergency is. Please follow instructions for your zone when you get them during an emergency, this is critical for the safety of our community.

The safest way out of your neighborhood during a wildfire may not be the route you normally take, so know all the ways out of your zone.

Officials will use OR-Alert as a primary means to advise which zones need to evacuate and which routes are safest. The 93.5 FM radio station, tv stations, wildfire hotline, websites, and social media will be used as time allows.

View the Zone Map by clicking the map below to view larger and download: Map Coming Soon

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