DLCD - Rural Transportation Equity (RTE) Grant

Rural Transportation Equity (RTE) Grant – $85,000

Project Summary

Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD)
2021-2023 Rural Transportation Equity (RTE) Grant

The Town of Lakeview has been awarded an $85,000 rural transportation grant from the Department of Land Conservation and Development focused on supporting the Town’s strategic investment in walking and biking infrastructure. Of particular importance to the Rural Transportation program is helping small, rural communities improve facilities that help people who have less access to cars or don’t drive. Staff members identified three key projects around the Lake County Schools out of the 2021 Transportation System Plan to advance with engineered design work, in hopes of success in applying for a Safe Routes to School Grant.

Projected Projects:
Project 1: South H Street / 3rd Street Geometric Improvement
Project 2: South 3rd Street (S-1) Sidewalk infill and replacement from South T Street to US 395
Project 3: South I Street (S-2) Sidewalk infill and replacement from South 9th Street to South 3rd Street

Budget Summary:
Task 1 – Project Scoping and Management $ 2,500
Task 2 – Project Prioritization $ 2,500
Task 3 – Strategic Investment Project Design $ 70,000
Task 4 – Community Project Support $ 5,000
Task 5 – Funding $ 5,000
TOTAL $ 85,000

You’re Invited!
Rural Transportation Walking Tour
Learn about the project and ask questions.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 2:30 pm.
Daly Middle School (Corner of South H and South 3rd Street)
Questions? Call Town Hall at 541-947-2020.

Download: Invite

Project Timeline: The project end date is June 30, 2023.

DLCD Rural Transportation Planner:
Madeline Phillips
635 Capitol Street NE, Suite 150, Salem, OR 97301-2540
Office: 503-373-0050 | Mobile: 503-507-5167

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Team:
School Superintendent – Michael Carter
Bike and Trails – Sara and Eric Sarensen
ODOT – Ben Ebner
Adkins Engineering – Jon Moritz
Shiela Strubel
Scott Langum
Michele Parry
Dawn Lepori
Sean Petitmermet
Pete Fortune

Project Management Team:
Shiela Strubel
Scott Langum
Michele Parry
Dawn Lepori
Adkins Engineering – Jon Moritz
Adkins Engineering – Dan Scalas
CSA Planning – Jay Harlan

Project Supporting Files

Initial Rough Concepts

Walking Tour - June 6, 2023

Projected Projects