Transient Lodging Tax Grant

Providing  funding for tourism-related projects.

Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) Grant

2023-2024 Transient Lodging Tax Grant Applications will be accepted and reviewed in July


The Town of Lakeview Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) Grant provides funding for tourism-related projects in Lakeview. Eligible projects are those designed to increase tourism or can reasonably be expected to increase tourism, whether it be for an overnight or day use visit.

The Town’s definition of tourism is “economic activity resulting from tourists.” A tourist is defined as “a person who, for business or pleasure, recreation, or participation in events related to the arts, heritage or culture, travels from the community in which that person is a resident to the Town of Lakeview.”

Funding for the program comes from the Town of Lakeview’s Transient Lodging Tax (TLT) funds as authorized by state law. ORS Section 320.300 to 320.350 and Town of Lakeview Ordinance #861.


Lakeview TLT Grants provide funding for tourism-related projects that have the potential to become significant and self-sustaining, and that align with the goals and priorities primarily outlined by the Town of Lakeview and secondarily by Lake County, and the county’s goal driven objectives as outline at

Tourism goals for Lakeview include, but are not limited to:

  • Drawing tourists to the Town of Lakeview, whether it be for overnight or day-use activities;
  • Encouraging the use of Town of Lakeview businesses by tourists;
  • Expanding tourism capabilities and enhanced services within the Town of Lakeview;
  • Leverage of additional dollars and/or resources;
  • Encouraging both overnight visits and day-use of the Town’s natural areas, parks, recreation, restaurants, and other businesses.


Lakeview TLT Grant funds may be awarded to public, private, or non-profit organizations whose project demonstrates an ability to benefit the greater public interests of tourism attractions, product development, expansion of services, promotion, and/or marketing and to work into sustainability.

Projects will be evaluated on the following attributes and qualities:

  • alignment with Town of Lakeview’s established tourism goals and plans above;
  • have a high likelihood of attracting tourists/visitors from outside Lakeview;
  • inclusion of more than one community, lodging, or tourism partner;
  • leverage of additional dollars and/or resources;
  • are self-sustaining, have growth potential, or are capacity-building;
  • are no more than 75% of the project’s total budget;
  • out-of-district advertising.

Ineligible Projects and Expenses

  • those providing profitability or benefits to a single lodging partner, business, or individual; or
  • normal costs of doing business, including operating expenses for the business or non-profit organization;
  • salaries, travel and mileage;
  • budget deficits;
  • organizations that support political candidates or influence.


Please fill out a complete Transient Lodging Tax Grant Application Packet to apply (packet below for download). You must use the forms that we provide to be eligible. The packet includes application, signature page, scoring form and agreement. Once approved by council, TLT checks will be given to recipients at the following Town Council Regular Meeting.