Solar Eclipse 2023

Discover Eclipse Magic at Moon Meadow Campground

Annular Solar Eclipse October 14, 2023

The upcoming annual solar eclipse on October 14th, 2023, promises to be an exciting celestial event visible across several states in the United States. The eclipse’s journey will commence in Oregon, making it the first location to witness this celestial spectacle. It is essential to emphasize the significance of positioning oneself within the relatively narrow belt of maximum solar obscuration when observing a solar eclipse. Typically measuring less than 90 miles in width, this region is referred to as the “path of totality” during a total solar eclipse and as the “path of annularity” during an annular eclipse. If you find yourself situated outside of this path, your experience will be limited to viewing a partial eclipse. Don’t miss the “ring of fire” as it graces the Oregon skies!

Moon Meadow Campground at Bullard Canyon

Moon Meadows Campground at Bullard canyon is a fantastic location for eclipse enthusiasts. It provides a great vantage point to witness solar eclipses or lunar eclipses. Campgrounds in remote or natural settings often offer excellent opportunities for stargazing and celestial event viewing because they tend to have minimal light pollution and unobstructed views of the night sky.


Lakeview, Oregon is right in the best viewing pathway of the eclipse, Saturday, October 14th at 9:18:27 am/duration 4:32. Eclipse glasses are provided with this reservation. 


Our dry campsites ensure that you can bask in the glory of the night sky without any distractions. No campfires mean no light pollution, guaranteeing crystal-clear views. During daylight hours, explore the picturesque Bullard Canyon, hike Noni trail, and discover the beauty of the surrounding wilderness. As the sun sinks below the mountains, get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning sight of the star-studded dark sky. As the sun sinks below the mountains, get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning sight of the star-studded dark sky.


The annual Mule Deer hunting season coincides with this eclipse event. Expect higher than normal traffic and limited campsite availability. Take care when venturing into the National Forest. Consider wearing brightly colored clothing or orange safety vests. When parking, take care not to block roadway access to emergency vehicles.


Please take note of the fire restrictions. This campground is extremely dry, and fires are strictly prohibited. Even the hot undercarriage of your vehicle or sparks generated by a loose chain hitting the pavement can easily ignite the dry grass and potentially start a wildfire. By being exceptionally cautious, we can collectively reduce the risk of wildfires by 90%.


Please pack out what you pack in. Have a plan and be prepared, services are limited. Prioritize safety and make the most of your experience here!

Event Timing: October 12-15, 2023
Camp: Bullard Canyon, Lakeview OR
Cost: $30 per night/per campsite
Limited Campsite: 26 total
Tent camping only (No RVs)

Town of Lakeview
525 North 1st Street
Lakeview OR 97630
Contact us at (541) 947-2020 or Email

Interesting History of Bullard Canyon

On 7 December 1876, Bullard transferred the 20 acres (8.1 ha) parcel to Lake County and a two-story courthouse was built on the site. A short time later, Bullard sold his remaining 300 acres (120 ha) to John A. Moon, one of his neighbors. After Moon purchased Bullard’s property, he paid Frank Cheesman to survey the town site and then filed an official plat for the town of Lakeview on 25 May 1877. The town of Lakeview developed around the property Bullard donated for the Lake County courthouse.

Therefore, we found it fitting to bestow the name Moon Meadow Campground in tribute to John A. Moon.

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What is an annular solar eclipse?

An annular solar eclipse, often referred to as a ring-like eclipse, occurs when the Moon partially covers the Sun due to its greater distance from Earth. Consequently, the Sun isn’t completely obscured, resulting in what is commonly known as a ‘ring of fire’ encircling the Moon. In the moments just before and after this ring of fire, observers may witness a phenomenon called Baily’s beads, which manifests as bright beads of sunlight peeking through the lunar edges.

During an annular eclipse, it is never safe to view the event without proper protective eyewear since some sunlight remains visible at all times. Much like total solar eclipses, for the best viewing experience, one must position themselves within the narrow path of annularity to witness the ring of fire in all its breathtaking splendor.

How long does a solar eclipse last?

The duration of a solar eclipse is influenced by a variety of factors. In broad terms, the partial solar eclipse phase can extend over several hours. However, the maximum phase of totality during a total solar eclipse varies from a few seconds to up to seven minutes, depending on your location. To fully appreciate the eclipse, it’s essential to be well-prepared and aware of the precise timing of maximum visibility.

Timing is crucial, pay attention to the time, cause you don’t want to miss the most captivating moments. Therefore, be sure to take note of the specific timing information for your location regarding the eclipse event you intend to observe.

Global Event: Annular Solar Eclipse
Local Type: Annular Solar Eclipse in Lakeview, Oregon
Begins: Sat, Oct 14, 2023 at 8:05 am
Maximum: Sat, Oct 14, 2023 at 9:20 am 0.966 Magnitude
Ends: Sat, Oct 14, 2023 at 10:43 am
Duration: 2 hours, 38 minutes
Annularity: 4 minutes, 31 seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There will be porta-potties.

Yes. Children are welcome. 

You should be able to fit (2) – 4-person tents or an 8-person tent. Each reservation has a maximum of 8 people per campsite.

Typical camping gear. Warm clothes (hats, gloves and warm coats). Tent(s), sleeping bags, flashlight, water and food.

No fires will be allowed at the camping spaces. No incense, candles or open flames of any kind!

Days can still be warm in October (also sometimes cooler). Nights will get down to freezing, so bring warm camping gear!

You are allowed 2 cars per campsite. Note that there is a dip as you come into the campground.

No, there are no EV charging stations.

No smoking is allowed. We are in an extreme fire risk area and must be safe.