Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department

Lakeview, Oregon

Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department

Lakeview Fire Department
245 North F Street
Lakeview, Oregon 97630

(541) 947-2504 | Email Us
Emergencies: Dial 911

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Fire Chief

Jesse Morris


David Otterman


Ronny Vo


Elmer Riblett


Stan Jaska

Fire Season

Open Burn – Call Dispatch at (541) 947-2504 to request a burn permit. Fire Season begins June 6, 2022.
All open burning and burning in burn barrels is prohibited at this time, we expect to be in burn season until this fall.
Any questions can be directed to the Fire Department (541) 947-2504. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department Training Calendar

DateTrainingChaptersLocationInstructorClass HoursHomework Hours
M - 1/9Intro/ Communication1,2LKVCadre44
Th - 1/12Building Construction/ Fire Dynamics3,4LKVMorris/Yates44
M - 1/16Fire Hose/ Hose Operations and Streams/ Fire Suppression12,13,14LKVTague44
Sat - 1/14Make Up Day/Field DayMancampCadre84
Th - 1/19Forcible Entry/ Search Rescue/ Ventilation9,10,11LKVMcCray44
M - 1/23Ropes/ Ladders/ Portable Extinguishers6,7,8LKVTague44
Th - 1/26Overhall/ PPE/ SCBA5,15LKVBreshears44
Sat - 1/28Make Up Day/ Field DayDaycareCadre84
M - 1/30Building Material/ Collapse/ Rescue16,17LKVMorris/Yates44
Th - 2/2Foam/ Liquid Fires/ and Incident Scene Ops18,19LKVSpence44
Tu - 2/7First AID23HospitalVO44
Th - 2/9Fire Investigation/ Maintenance Testing20,21LKVMcCray44
Sat - 2/11RIT and Field DayDaycareMorriss84
Th - 2/16Community Risk Reduction22LKVBreshears44
Sat - 2/18Hazmat/First Aid/CRP, Warner Valley RFPAAdelO'Keeffe80
M - 2/20Hazmat24, 25LKVSpence44
Th - 2/23Hazmat25, 26LKVMorris44
Sat - 2/25Pumps/Love Fire (Final Day for Fire 1 Class)Man CampMcCray/Morris/Spence80
Sat - 2/25DPSST Winter Fire SchoolSalemDPSST80
Sun - 2/26DPSST Winter Fire SchoolSalemDPSST80
M - 2/27S-270KCCSCOFMP80
Tu - 2/28S-270KCCSCOFMP80
M - 2/27Incident Command (Lakeview Specific SPG's)LKVMorris40
M - 3/6Business MeetingLKV
Th - 3/9Western Villa RxLKVMorris60
M - 3/13S-130 (fft2)0, 1, 2, 3, 4LKVMorris44
M - 3/20S-130 (fft2)5, 6, 7, 8LKVMorris44
M - 3/25S-130 (fft2)
M - 3/27S-190, L-180LKVMorris44
W - 3/29ARFF ClassMadrasCOCC80
Th - 3/30ARFF ClassMadrasCOCC80
F - 3/31ARFF ClassMadrasCOCC80
Sat - 4/1ARFF Live FireMadrasAirport80
Sat - 4/1Snake River Fire AcademyOntarioTVCC80
Sun - 4/2Snake River Fire AcademyOntarioTVCC80
M - 4/3Business MeetingFairgroundsTague80
Sat - 4/8EVOCFairgroundsTague80
M - 4/10S-130/190, L-180 Field DayMorris40
Sat - 4/15DPSST Spring Fire SchoolSalemDPSST80
Sun - 4/16DPSST Spring Fire SchoolSalemDPSST80
M - 4/17S-131 (Squad Boss/fft1)LKVMorris46
M - 4/24Bullard Canyon Rx, Live Fire ExerciseBullard CanyonMorris60
M - 5/1Business MeetingLKV
M-F 5/1-5FI-210 and Bullard Canyon RxLKVSCOFMP400
M - 5/8S-212 (wildfire chainsaws)LKVMorris44
W - 5/10Wildfire Sim, North Lake (tentative)80
M - 5/15S-212 (wildfire chainsaws) FieldLKVMorris40
F - 5/19Extrication ClassroomMancampTague40
Sat - 5/20Extrication Field DayMancampTague80
M - 5/22S-230 crew boss/single resourceLKVMorris40
M - 5/29S-230 crew boss/single resourceLKVMorris44
M - 6/5Business MeetingLKV
M - 6/12S-230 crew boss/single resourceLKVMorris44
M - 6/19S-230 crew boss/single resourceLKVMorris40
M - 6/26S-231 Engine BossLKVMorris42
Sat - 7/1Wildland Field Day, Engine Boss, Single ResourceLKVMorris80
M - 7/3Business MeetingLKV
M - 7/10S-215 Wildland Urban InterfaceLKVMorris44
M - 7/17S-215 Wildland Urban InterfaceLKVMorris44
Sat - 7/22Wildland Field DayLKVMorris80
M - 7/24S-211 Portable PumpsLKVMorris44
M - 7/31S-211 Portable PumpsLKVMorris44
M - 8/7Business MeetingLKV
M - 8/14
Sat - 8/19Field dayLKV8
M - 8/21
M - 8/28
Tu - 9/5Business MeetingLKV
M - 9/11
Sat - 9/16Field Day8
M - 9/18
M - 9/25
M - 10/2Business MeetingLKV
M - 10/9
M - 10/16
M - 10/23
M - 10/30

 Training starts at 1800 on regular days and 0800 on Saturdays
Medical/Rescue Training 1900-2100 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each Month, SAR Ropes, Last Saturday of each month
*pre-work required
ICS-100, ICS-200 and IS-700 are required by all and available online at
S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior is also available online at:

Mission Statement

The Town of lakeview L.E.T.S 911 Center’s Mission is to provide optimum quality emergency 911 and dispatch services to our customers and emergency services providers. Our customers are the citizens of Lake County and the public safety agencies that utilize the services, of this center.  Providing excellent service with dignity and respect.

What is a Citizen?

Citizens are customers. Citizens are the most important people to our center.

Citizens are not dependent on us. We are dependent on them.

Citizens are not an interruption of our work; they are the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favor by serving them; we are fulfilling our obligation by doing so.

Citizens are not outsiders to our business; they are a part of it.

Citizens are not cold statistics-names on data files and computer printouts. They are flash and blood human beings with biases, prejudices, feelings and emotions like our own.

Citizens are not someone to argue with. It is not our job to win an argument with a citizen.

Citizens are people who bring us their needs. It is our responsibility to respond to those needs in the most effective manner possible.

Our Core Values

With a sense of tradition, our stated purpose will be accomplished  through service while remaining dedicated to the following values:


We will be responsive to Town and County needs and will accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.


We will be sensitive to the feelings of others and treat everyone with respect and dignity.


We will be forthright and truthful; we will not compromise our moral and ethical principles.


We will work together with our emergency service providers and the citizens of Lake County in sprit of cooperation and mutual respect.


We will strive to gain and maintain the confidence and support of others. We value trust in each other and a mutual trust between Emergency service providers and the communities we serve.

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