Public Records

Town of Lakeview, Oregon

Public Records

The Town of Lakeview is striving to improve government transparency. Under Oregon’s Public Records Law, “every person” has a right to inspect any nonexempt public record of a public body in Oregon.

Public Records Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Town of Lakeview in order to inspect or obtain copies of the Town’s public records (as defined under ORS 192.410 – 192.505). Persons interested in making a public records request are advised to review the Town’s public records request policy and procedures found in Resolution No. 2021-1118. You may contact the Town Recorder if you have any questions or concerns regarding the public records request process. A request for public records that are in the custody of  the Town must be made by submitting a written request, on the form prescribed by the Town, to the following:

Town of Lakeview
Attention: Town Recorder
525 North 1st Street, Lakeview, Oregon 97630
(541) 947-4957 |

A public records request must be submitted in person, by mail or email.
Note: records will not be made available for requestor until estimated fee(s) have been paid.

Requests for Public Records