Best Summer Yard Contest – June 2022

We are pleased to introduce the Lakeview In Bloom – Best Summer Yard Contest. The contest encourages community pride by cleaning, maintaining, and improving a property. Our community deserves a beautiful place to live, work and play! We want to recognize and reward members of our community whose properties reflect pride and have a beautiful, pleasing appearance.

We want to see your Best Summer Yards. Show us your fresh mowed lawns, potted plants and porches, your winding paths and secret hideaways, or your prized gardens. Most of all, show us your love for up keeping your yard. It is a great way to share and encourage enthusiasm for gardening and landscaping while showing off your personal style. We are so excited to see what you all come up with! Good luck to all!

Who Can Enter

The Best Summer Yard Contest is open to all Lakeview residents. Properties entering competition must be within the town limits of Lakeview and comply with the Town's Code of Ordinances. Multiple properties may be entered, fill out separate form for each property. Entries must list the improvements that were made to the property and provide before and after photos. By entering, you grant the Town of Lakeview the right to publicly use your name, address, and photographs of your property. Entry forms must be received no later than June 30, 2022, you may start entering the contest in May 2022.

How to Enter

Entry form is available below. Town Hall will also have printed entry forms. Deliver/email completed forms to: Town of Lakeview, Attn: Shiela Strubel - Lakeview In Bloom, 525 North 1st Street, Lakeview, Oregon 97630


Community members please go vote for your favorite! View the nominations and entries click here. Cast your vote via social media or email Shiela at The entries and nominations are numbered. Voting will end July 7, 2022 at 5:00 PM. Thank you.


The area that is improved must be visible from a public street or road, preferably your front yard and porch. To participate, applicants must clean & improve a property. This could include cutting, trimming and/or removing tall and unsightly weeds, grass, brush, and trees, demolishing dilapidated and/or abandoned buildings, removing inoperable and junk automobiles, tractors, trucks & other equipment, removing debris, junk, tires, litter, and trash, landscaping improvements to your property, removing dirt, grass, brush and weeds from sidewalks and curbs, new siding, windows, new exterior paint etc. Lawns, flowerbeds, and stone-trimmed landscape areas shall be free of weeds. Flowers are desirable but not essential. Flowers, however, tip the scale between two otherwise equal property considerations.


The weekly winner will be notified by the Lakeview In Bloom Committee and will be presented with a wonderful prize. Prizes may include beautiful plants, yard tools or gift cards. Participating partners will also be offering discounts and savings during the month of June 2022 to help with your yard beautification.

Participating Partners

The Town of Lakeview is looking for businesses to partner with for prizes and shopping discounts, to help the community with their yard beautification purchases. Residents will need to mention Lakeview In Bloom - Best Summer Yard Contest to receive any available savings.

Participating Partners - Thank You!

Prize Donation

The Chamber is donating a prize for one of the weekly winners. So exciting! 

Attention businesses! Lake County Chamber of Commerce is joining the clean-up efforts. Check with the chamber for details on their Small Business Clean-Up Contest. For the whole month of June!

Prize Donation

Red Barn is donating a gift certificate for one of the weekly winners. 

Prize Donation

Honker Mall is donating a gift certificate for one of the weekly winners. 

Winner Discount

Bloomers Country Nursery

Weekly Winners (4 total) to receive 20% off any garden purchase of $50 to $100. *Discount valid to $100.
Mention “Lakeview In Bloom” to qualify for discount.

Special Discount

For the month of June, offering a 15% discount on their bulk bark mulch, decorative river rock and topsoil. A 10% discount on their 12 1/2′ wide heavy duty professional grade landscaping fabric. Mention “Lakeview In Bloom” to qualify for discount.

Lakeview In Bloom - Best Summer Yard Contest Form

If for some reason your photos will not upload, you are welcome to email them to Shiela Strubel,

Our first Lakeview In Bloom – Best Summer Yard Contest. We are excited to see how yards across our community transform!

In addition to the Lakeview In Bloom, the Town of Lakeview is providing two dumpsters for the month of June.
Download flyer: TOWNWIDE CLEAN-UP