Water Treatment facility

A new water treatment facility is coming to the Town of Lakeview.

Town of Lakeview (“Town”) Town is home to approximately 2,300 persons and is located in Lake County, Oregon. Town is managed by a town manager. The town manager oversees the public works department, fire department, police department, and city hall administration. The public works department oversees the town’s municipal utilities (water and wastewater) and transportation system (streets). The public works crew operates and maintains the public facilities that are provided by the Town.

Town’s water supply suffers from heightened levels of iron and manganese. Additionally, town has shut off its “north well” as a result of arsenic levels. Town’s recently updated water system master plan contemplates the construction of a new water treatment facility to address iron and manganese (in addition to performing ordinary municipal water treatment processes) and construction of an arsenic treatment facility at the north well, allowing that well to rejoin the system.

Project Summary

Project:  Town of Lakeview, Water Treatment Facility

The Town of Lakeview, Oregon (Town) intends to complete improvements to its water system as generally outlined in the state-approved 2018 Water System Master Plan (WSMP). Improvements include a new water treatment facility to treat iron, manganese, and arsenic; rehabilitation of Wells No. 2, 7, and 8; upgrades to Well Pump Stations No. 2, 7, 8, 9, and the North Well Pump Station; various replacements to the distribution system piping; and improvements to the main spring area security fencing and spring line.

The Town has secured project funding through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) program for completion of the proposed water system improvements. The ARPA grant funds were awarded by Governor Kate Brown’s office. The ARPA funds are administered and managed by Business Oregon.

Thanks to the Award for Legislative Appropriation for Town of Lakeview, Water Treatment Facility, $15,000,000 funded with the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Site: New Water Treatment Location TBD

Project Timeline:
September 2, 2021 – $15,000,000 Awarded
October 2021 – Accepting Bids for the Water Treatment Facility RFP
November, 30 2021 – Deadline for Bids
March 9, 2022 – Professional Service Agreement – Engineering Services and Phase 1 Preliminary Engineering
March 16, 2022 –  Final package submitted to Larry Holzgang of Business Oregon
April 19, 2022 –  Town Council Special Session – Presentations by Troy Baker, Senior Engineer of Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc. and Amber Hudspeth, Scientist of Hudspeth Land + Water.
August 16, 2022 – 
State of Oregon Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund Grant Agreement, Contract Number: SR2239
September 2022 – Accepting Bids for the Environmental Consulting Services-Water Treatment Facility RFP
October 25, 2022 – Town Council Special Session – Water Treatment Facility Update – Troy Baker, Senior Engineer of Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc. and Amber Hudspeth, Scientist of Hudspeth Land + Water.

Estimated Phase 1 Project Schedule - Engineering

The Engineer will perform the services in accordance with the following estimated schedule:

TaskTask DescriptionCompletion Time FrameProgress
1AProject ManagementApril 2023Completed
1BKickoff Meeting and Existing Water System Facilities TourApril 2022Completed
1CWater Quality Sampling, Testing, and Data AnalysisMay 2022Completed
1DWater Treatment Facility Process and Technology Alternatives AnalysisAugust 2022Completed
1EPilot Water Treatment Setup and TestingNovember 2022
1FPre-Design ReportJanuary 2023
1GAssistance with Land Acquisition/EasementsJanuary 2023Completed
1HDesign Surveying and MappingNovember 2022
1I30 Percent DesignMay 2023
1JRehabilitation Evaluation of Existing WellsNovember 2022
1KPublic Involvement/Outreach AssistanceApril 2023Next Meeting Public Meeting, October 25, 2022

Completion of these tasks by the timeframe outlined herein is dependent on timely services rendered by the pilot testing and well drilling firms and timely reviews being completed by the Town and others. Delays in reviews and other items that are not controlled by the Engineer could result in schedule extensions being required. *Dates are estimated and are subject to change.

Town of Lakeview Accepted Bids for the Water Treatment Facility RFP

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to select a consultant to provide engineering services for Town concerning (a) preliminary and designed engineering, including plans and specifications, of the Project (as defined), and (b) complete construction management services for the Project. The selected firm or consultant will report directly to the Town manager and/or his or her designee.

Proposals Due: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 4:00 PM. 

Town of Lakeview Accepted Bids for the Environmental Consulting Services-Water Treatment Facility RFP

Town of Lakeview (“Town”) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms or individuals (i.e., contractors) to provide certain environmental consulting services concerning Town’s construction of a municipal water treatment plant or facility (the “Project”).  The requested services consist of assisting Town and its engineers and architects in the development of design and construction plans and specifications for the Project.  

Proposals Due: Friday, September 30, 2021 at 4:00 PM.