Smart Water Meter Initiative

The next generation of smart meters. Accuracy, acoustic leak detection, remote reading, and a host of other intelligent features. Up to 20 years battery life.

The Town of Lakeview is excited to announce that the new Smart Meter installations began July 5, 2023. The Town of Lakeview and Dog Lake Construction began the project on Roberta Road. The Town anticipates that the project will take about 2 years for completion.


Residents will experience a brief interruption in their water usage–between 30 minutes to an hour, depending upon the old meter. The old meter will be removed and replaced with a new smart meter. Your water will be flushed outside before being turned back on. Public Works will leave you a notification (HOT PINK door knocker/24-hour notice) and meter information after the installation is complete (BRIGHT ORANGE door knocker/Installation Complete!)


You might observe road markings throughout town; these markings are not to be concerned about. They are Oregon 811 locates that correlate with the smart meter project. The BLUE represents potable (drinkable) water, whereas the GREEN represents sewer and drain lines.

Project Summary

Project: Replace approximately 2,800 residential water meters with residential flowIQ® 2200 smart meters.


Site: Town of Lakeview


Smart Meter: The flowIQ® 2200 smart water meter is the first of its kind with integrated acoustic leak detection. The meter monitors noise patterns that indicate possible leaks in the adjacent pipes and allows you to identify high-risk installations and find leaks in both service connections and distribution mains.


Funding PartnershipSustainability Partners LLC

What is a Smart Meter?

flowIQ® 2200 is a residential water meter based on proven ultrasonic technology. It maintains the same high accuracy throughout its lifetime and measures even the smallest consumption due to its very low error margin, industry-leading accuracy, and optimized low start flow.


With its built-in acoustic leakage detection, flowIQ® 2200 works for you to detect possible leaks in both service connections and distribution mains. The meter monitors noise patterns giving you a better picture of the condition of your network and enabling you to identify high-risk installations.

Ability to Improve Customer Service

Acting like a fine-meshed network of noise-loggers, the meters listen to the distribution lines and service connections to detect possible leaks. Through early detection of leaks, the flowIQ® 2200 enables you to provide more proactive customer service due to the real-time data that can warn about possible leaks before scale bursts which ultimately can limit the amount of consequential property damage.

Local Contractors

Dog Lake Construction, Inc.

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