Mayor & Town Council

The Town of Lakeview consists of a Mayor and four Councilors. They are nominated and elected from the town at large or, in case of one or more vacancies in the council, the council members whose office are not vacant.

Mayor, Town Council & Town Manager


Ray Turner

Appointed: 2016
Term Expires:  December 31, 2024

Lake County Emergency Management, Chamber of Commerce, Public Works, URA


Sandy Wenzel

Appointed: 2021
Term Expires: 

Swimming Pool, Enterprise Zone, CHIP,  Prison Advisory Board, Air Quality, URA


Michele Parry

Regional Solutions, Budget Officer, Renewable Energy, Enterprise Zone, UGA Working Group, MC Museum, Labor Negotiations, Emergency/Management, SCOEDD/SCOAT, 911 IGA, URA


Jay Farmen

Appointed: 2021
Term Expires:  December 31, 2024

SCOEDD/LCP, R3, Christmas Committee,  AG Farm/School, URA


Charley Tracy

Appointed: 2021
Term Expires: December 31, 2026

UPIC, Lodging Tax Committee, Lake County Emergency Management, Fair Board,  Saturday Market, URA 


Charlie Pike

Appointed: 2022
Term Expires: December 31, 2024

Airport, Klamath Housing Authority/HUD, Fire-Sheriff-911, Planning, Parks, 911 IGA, URA

Town Council Meetings & Sessions

New Calendar available soon.

January 24, 2023 Regular Session 5:00 PM

*Dates are subject to change without notice.

Participation in Town Administration

To create recommendations to improve the efficiency of the Town Adminstration.

Develop Interaction

The Administration of Lakeview and civil society, ensuring the participation of citizens, public associations and other organizations in the discussion and development of decisions on issues of local government organization.

Increase Efficiency

Efficiency refers to preventing or minimizing wasting materials, energy, effort, money or time. Council members must effectively serve as representatives of the community, which considers that they must fairly account for the diverse needs of the community when making council decisions. Effective council members encourage their constituents to be actively engaged in civic matters and to foster cohesion among members of the community.

Provide Services

Conduct an independent assessment of the quality of work and rating of municipal institutions of the city, provide services to the population in the fields of education, culture, physical education and sports.

Inform Community

Inform communities and organizations about the activities of the Administration of the city, including through the media and organizing a public discussion of issues related to the powers of the Administration of the city.

Ensure Transparency

Ensure information transparency of the activities of the Administration of Lakeview.


The documents below are available for download. The forms are fillable forms, you can digitally fill them out, email them or drop them by Town Hall.