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The Small City Allotment program awards the Town of Lakeview a $250,000 grant.


The Small City Allotment program awards the Town of Lakeview a $250,000 grant
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Lakeview, Oregon, November 11, 2022 – The Town of Lakeview has been awarded a $250,000 Small City Allotment grant. The Small City Allotment program is an annual allocation of state funds for local transportation projects. Sponsored by the League of Oregon Cities and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

 The awarded grant will be used to grade and resurface Roberta Road, beginning at Hwy 140 moving north, and ending at Missouri Avenue. This section of Roberta Road serves as a central access road to Collins Sawmill and Warner Creek Correctional Facilities. Both facilities are significant employers for Lakeview, with over 400 cars traveling Roberta Road weekly at any given time. This portion of Roberta Road has more than 40 residences, which increases the amount of traffic and transit. Roberta’s road includes utility cuts, unsafe potholes that harm tires and suspensions, badly painted lines, and inconsistencies from poor grading where water has accumulated and created uneven surfaces. When visibility is poor during the winter, the road is particularly hazardous since drivers might easily underestimate concealed, compromised road defects. There is an urgent need for repair.

 Town Manager, Michele Parry stated in the grant application, “Roberta Road is a critical transportation road as well as a crucial contributor to the economic development and growth of Lakeview. We propose grading and smoothing the road’s surface to accommodate traffic demands and allow the road to perform better for motorists. The project will fix the critical issues that potholes are creating for motorists and then apply an asphalt overlay for a robust optimal improvement for the demands of traffic traveling Roberta.”

The Small City Allotment Advisory Committee (SCAAC) approved funding 27 projects across the state with a total cost of $6,131,448. The projects are to be completed within two years from the agreement execution date.

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