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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Blue Spark Energy Restores Geothermal Heat to Lakeview, Oregon’s Community Buildings.

Calgary, AB — February 28, 2024 — Blue Spark Energy, a global leader in the sustainable energy industry, has completed the successful restoration of a geothermal district heating system in Lakeview, Oregon. The project was initiated by the Town to address the restricted flow of the system, which was impacting the viability of essential service delivery to the community, located 348 miles from the City of Portland.

The geothermal system in Lakeview is used to heat local schools, the community hospital, the emergency services station, and a dental clinic. By using geothermal energy, Lakeview offsets the expense and environmental impact of traditional fuels like propane, ensuring cost-effective and sustainable heating for the community. The functionality of the system was impacted by severe scale deposits that had developed over time. Given the critical importance of the heating system to the community, it was essential to find an economical solution that minimized risk and reduced the need for repeated treatments, especially considering the remote location.

Blue Spark Energy was engaged to deploy their patented BLUESPARK® solution, using high-pulsed power technology to remediate the wellbore by removing the scale build-up that was restricting the heat available to these buildings. The wellbore intervention operation, performed in collaboration with Di Drill Survey Services, revitalized the geothermal district heating system, improving flow by 134%.

Scale removal in geothermal wells generally involves chemical or mechanical interventions, resulting in higher costs, longer project timelines, and environmental risks while offering lower efficacy. The BLUESPARK® technology harnesses a small amount of electrical energy released over an extremely short duration to generate pressure waves that break down impediments in the wellbore, offering an efficient, safe, and sustainable solution to extend the lifecycle of geothermal wells and heating systems.

“The project received strong support from the local community, demonstrating our commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions,” stated Scott Langum, Project Manager for the Town of Lakeview. “Our geothermal resource creates an economic advantage for our Town in the provision of renewable heat at a levelized cost. It is with gratitude that we thank those involved in the project for giving new life to our geothermal system.”

“The Blue Spark technology is about creating a powerful impact from a small amount of energy. I can think of no greater impact than in restoring vital services to this small community,” stated Blue Spark President and CEO, Marci Hamilton. “These results highlight the efficacy of high-pulsed power in geothermal wellbores, demonstrating the value that the Blue Spark technology can offer in increasing the lifespan and viability of these projects.”

The Lakeview project stands as a blueprint for rural communities navigating climate change challenges and showcases the potential of sustainable geothermal solutions. By embracing environmentally responsible development, Lakeview emerges as a leader in forging a path towards a greener future. 


About Blue Spark Energy: 

Blue Spark Energy is a trailblazer in the field of subsurface wellbore remediations. With proven results on over 650 projects for more than 50 companies worldwide, the innovative BLUESPARK® technology is driving transformative change in a responsible energy transition. By converting a small amount of electrical energy to create powerful effects downhole, Blue Spark can achieve results once unimagined in wellbore interventions. 

Unlike traditional methods that rely on extensive preparation, logistics, people power, and the use of potentially harmful fluids, toxins, and explosives, our simple solution is safe to use, ensuring both wellbore integrity and longevity. With our targeted approach that focuses precisely where the impediments exist, we streamline the remediation process and reduce associated risks with a reduced carbon footprint. 

Driven by our relentless pursuit to understand what is possible, we are challenging expectations and shattering conventions in the energy industry. Blue Spark Energy is inspiring energetic change as we continue to pave the way towards a sustainable future. 


For Blue Spark Energy inquiries, please contact:
Amy Miller Manager, Marketing & Communications

About The Town of Lakeview: The Town of Lakeview is home to approximately 2,400 people and is in Lake County, Oregon. Known as the “Oregon’s Tallest Town”, Lakeview is a revitalizing and economically growing community that offers a variety of business, housing, and educational opportunities. 


Town of Lakeview Contact Information: 
Scott Langum
Special Projects Manager

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