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August 8, 2023, Town Council Updates

Council approved 13, one-day swim passes for Lake County Youth Mentor Program.
Council approved blocking E Street for the upcoming Portland Trail Blazer Rip City Rally.

August 22, 2023, Next Town Council

August 29, 2023, Urban Renewal Area (URA) Community Meeting

This will be the final public meeting to discuss, ask questions, or raise objections to the Urban Renewal Area proposed by the Town Council.

Manager Meeting for the Town of Lakeview Updates

  • McDonald Park Grand Opening was August 11, 2023, the town served 300 hot dogs with the Volunteer Firefighters giving a surprise stream of water and sirens to make it memorable for all who attended. Prizes were also raffled.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) has been officially released for interested companies who would like to submit to the Town of Lakeview’s Geothermal Expansion. Copies of the RFP can be picked up at Town Hall or viewed online.
  • The Town has started upgrading internet speeds at a cost of $7,200, getting a backup system at a cost of $7,200 to the 9-1-1 Dispatch Department.
  • The Town delivered to the Lakeview Volunteer Firefighters Department a check for $35,000 to be given to the volunteers who serve our community, this is an increase from the $8,000 that was given last year. For those who are tracking that’s a 125.581% increase.

The Town of Lakeview and the Lakeview Volunteer Firefighters will be bringing some fun water events, with prizes, to the Lake County Fair Grounds this year. This is to bring solutions to the community for alternative activities since the carnival is absent this year. So, look forward to some fun at the fair!

Michele Parry, Town Manager

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