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Living with Overabundant Deer

We have been receiving complaints and concerns regarding the overabundant deer populations. There are several things that should be considered to reduce the risk of creating an overabundant deer population or to lessen the impact of an existing problem. As a resident of Lakeview, you can assist.

  1. Please do not feed the deer. Supplemental feed will only increase the number of deer town.
  2. Landscape with plants that deer do not prefer to eat.
  3. Work with neighbors to monitor deer numbers in your neighborhood and impacts to your landscape. If you are in city limits, turn these numbers into police dispatch at 541-947-2504. Work cooperatively, from the start, with other residents and neighboring landowners in deer monitoring and management. This is particularly important in areas where deer numbers are high in surrounding areas.

If you are in the city limits of the Town of Lakeview and need assistance regarding the overabundant deer issues, please call police dispatch at 541-947-2504. For results, the community needs to file complaints. Thank you.


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