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Unlawful Parking and Abandonment of Vehicles

No person shall park any motor vehicle on a town street when such vehicle has not been properly registered and/or licensed by the state. This also applies to “abandoned and disabled” vehicles. Abandoned and disabled vehicles are required to be either put into an enclosed structure, such as a garage, or placed behind a fence. Vehicles included, but are not limited to trailers, travel trailers, motor homes and boats. The Town of Lakeview prohibits leaving any vehicle parked on a town street for more than (3) days.

Ordinance No. 697, Section 2: “(5) No boat, trailer, travel trailer, or motor home shall be parked upon any street, alley, or parking strip (area between curb and property line) for more than (3) days except in an event of an emergency.  (b) The casual movement of any boat, trailer, travel trailer, or motor home shall not reactivate the (3) day provision.”

Any person violating these provisions may be subject to towing and fines.

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