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Lakeview Water Treatment Facility Progression

Contact: Town of Lakeview
Michele Parry, Town Manager
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Lakeview Water Treatment Facility Progression

Lakeview, Oregon, March 22, 2022 – The Lakeview Water Treatment Facility is the Town of Lakeview’s number one priority! The Town’s mayor, councilors and staff understand the need for our community to have clean water.

In 2018, Oregon Health Authority and Nielson Research Company confirmed the water in Lakeview is safe to drink based on test results. The only issue came from discoloration from manganese and iron. This is still the case today. Our Public Works department tests the water daily. Recently, the Town had Amber Hudspeth, Scientist of Hudspeth Land + Water conduct water tests. Amber’s results came back with the same conclusion, the water is safe to drink, and the discoloration is from manganese and iron. These gives peace of mind for the purpose of health, but the discoloration is an issue. The high levels of iron and manganese present in the well water causes the water to be brownish red in color and have taste and odor issues making it less than desirable for most of the Town’s 3,100 residents.

“The truth is, the Town is running differently, we listen, we respond, we practice strategic thinking, and are putting the water problems facing Lakeview and the community at the forefront of our actions,” said Michele Parry, Town Manger. “It’s our responsibility to not just sit back and lament, but rather to chip away for solutions, then take action so Lakeview can flourish and know that clean water is coming.”

The Water Treatment Facility is being designed to treat the groundwater from the Town’s well sources and provide the community with safe, clean drinking water that will meet primary and secondary regulatory water quality standards. This facility is not a sewer plant.

Below are sample photos of what the interior of the water treatment is proposed to look like. The blue tanks are filters, and the tan tank is holding the 0.08% chlorine. The Town currently uses at most 1.2 million gallons of water a day, this facility’s system should be able to handle 3 million gallons a day and will have space to add more filters in the future if needed.

The above photos were shared by Scott Langum at the Town Council Special Session on March 16, 2022, during public comment.

Business Oregon: Michele Parry, Town Manager submitted the final paperwork to Business Oregon. The total package was submitted to Larry Holzgang of Business Oregon as of 4:42 pm on March 16, 2022. The packet included Town of Lakeview, Oregon Preliminary Cost Estimate/Water System Improvements (Year 2022 Cost) and Town of Lakeview Water System Improvements Project Information Form. To review these two files, please visit and scroll down to Project Supporting Documents.

Town Council Special Session: April 19, 2022, at 5:00 pm. Meeting will be held at Town Hall, 525 N 1st St, Lakeview, OR 97630. The topic of this session will be the new Water Treatment Facility. The Town of Lakeview invites the public to attend and participate in this meeting. Presentations will be made by Troy Baker, Senior Engineer of Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc. and Amber Hudspeth, Scientist of Hudspeth Land + Water. This meeting is designed to go over the water testing results with Scientist, Amber Hudspeth. Troy Baker, the engineer for the project will also present the projected/estimated Project Schedule, explain the pilot water treatment set up and testing, go over the filtration system and how it works. Scott Langum, Special Projects Director will lead the meeting and assist with directing questions and answers to the appropriate expert. Questions will be open to the public.

Troy Baker, Senior Engineer of Anderson Perry & Associates, Inc. Engineer on the Water Treatment Facility project. Phase 1 of the proposed project is outlined below and will be discussed in this meeting. Phase 2 will be the final design engineering phase, and Phase 3 will be the bidding and construction of the improvements, these phases will be discussed in future meetings as the project progresses forward.

PHASE 1 – Preliminary Engineering
Water Quality Sampling, Testing, and Data Analysis.
Water Treatment Facility Process and Technology Alternatives Analysis.
Combined vs. Separate Treatment Facilities.
Pilot Water Treatment Setup and Testing.
Pre-Design Report.
Design Surveying and Mapping.
30 Percent Design.

PROPOSED WORK PLAN – See spreadsheet below.
Visit and scroll down to Project Supporting Documents for full Town of Lakeview Water System Improvements Project Information Form.

*Proposed work plan subject to change, due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Amber Hudspeth, Scientist of Hudspeth Land + Water
Laboratory analysis of the Town’s drinking water wells was performed as part of the overall evaluation of the water system in preparation for the construction of the new water treatment facility. The analysis of the drinking water chemistry was to identify particular issues and levels to be addressed by the new water filtration system. This front-end work will make sure that all identified compounds can be addressed through this process for the improvement of the Town’s water supply. 

The presentation will include discussion of the local geology, well locations, water sampling, water aesthetics and chemistry, laboratory results, water safety and the benefits of the water treatment facility. 

Water Treatment Facility Land Acquisition: The Town of Lakeview’s Town Council approved the purchase of a 21.74-acre parcel of land for the future Water Treatment Facility. The land was purchased from Five Development, LLC, an Oregon Limited Liability Company, 2451 Menlo Ct., Medford, OR 97504: Tom Hall (541) 944-4730 and Managing Partner, Jim Servoss (541) 944-8898. Purchase price $135,000. Property description – 39S20E16-A0-00300. Escrow to close at Ameri Title, 405 North 1st Street, Lakeview, Oregon 97630.

Below is a map that shows the purchased property (300 on the map) and estimates the location of the Water Treatment Facility. You will also notice where the entrance to this property is located. 500 on the map (corner of South S Street and South 3rd Street), near the Water Treatment Facility entrance is already owned by the Town and is on the Town’s short list to be cleaned up.

As the Town moves forward with the Water Treatment Facility and other projects, they plan to keep the community informed.

Town of Lakeview (“Town”) Town is home to approximately 2,300 persons and is in Lake County, Oregon. Town is managed by a town manager. The town manager oversees the public works department, fire department, police department and town hall administration. The public works department over sees the town’s municipal utilities (water and wastewater) and transportation system (streets). The public works crew operates and maintains the public facilities and utilities that are provided by Town.

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