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August Continued

August 22, Town Council Agenda that holds particular interest:

  1. A Resolution to create a solar eclipse planning and emergency management committee to create camping site in Bullard Canyon.  The solar eclipse is October 14th.
  2.  Approval for planning file no. 788. You can expect more activity in the coming weeks from the construction team.
  3. Download Agenda

August 23rd , Town Manager Out of Office

I will be out of the office, returning Tuesday, August 29th.

August 29th at 6:00 pm

The final public meeting to discuss, answer questions, and listen to concerns from the citizens about the Town’s proposed URA. Learn more: URA

The Town has published an RFP for Economic and Geothermal Expansion. Deadline for submissions is September 15 and the award announcement will be October 6 (or just prior to the 6th). Learn more: Geothermal


September 1

Beginning September 1st there is 114 days until Christmas (December 25th). This means getting departments ready for the Christmas parade, the arrival of Santa, and decorating the town.

September 24 or 25, Chris Efrid, CEO, Next Renewables will be in town

Chris will be holding a co-sponsored meeting again for people to ask questions and get updates on the progress of the Lakeview Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). Additional details to come.

September 29th

The Town attorney will be in Lakeview for Town Council. If you need 1:1 time with him, let me know so I can coordinate his time.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Michele Parry, Town Manager

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