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Mural at McDonald Park

Contact: Town of Lakeview
Shiela Strubel, Public Works Admin
Special Projects and Communications
Phone: (541) 947-2020

Mural at McDonald Park

Lakeview, Oregon, August 2, 2022 – The Town of Lakeview is announcing a collaboration with Maizie Langum, a young, emerging local artist, to create a mural at McDonald Park.

Langum is an alumnus of Lakeview High School. She is a rising Sophomore at Southern Oregon University. Her major is in Emerging Media & Digital Arts with a minor in Art. In her first year at SOU, she got the opportunity to work in various studios and galleries on campus and was able to explore several different mediums and talk to highly experienced professionals. “This experience has helped me grow exponentially as an artist.” Maizie says.

On July 10th, Maizie began her project by repairing holes and applying a primer base to the McDonald Park outside restroom wall in preparation for the mural. Next, she sketched the image and began to paint the mural. Langum is in the process of contacting local ranches to see if she can paint their brand on the mural. She’s received a few responses, allowing her to do so. She will be able to complete the project after she has received official approval from the ranches. If time allows, Langum will paint an additional side wall of the McDonald Park restroom.

“I’m super excited for this since it’s going to be the biggest thing I’ve ever worked on,” Maizie says. “I already have the technical skills as a painter, I’ve painted a simple mural in the Lakeview High School band room, and I’ve done substantial research on other muralists’ procedures,” she adds.

“I am confident that working on this mural will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for me!  In terms of design, I wanted to go for something super fun and vibrant to add some color to McDonald Park and appeal to people of all ages. I wanted to make sure that this mural fit into Lakeview’s culture, so I included a cowboy as well as our beautiful mountain ranges and clear sunny skies, all while placing it in my own “funky” style and making it Instagram-worthy, as Michele desired.” According to Langum.


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