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Pilot Study and Report for the Water Treatment Facility


Lakeview, Oregon – November 13, 2023: Loprest completed the required Pilot Study and Report as of September 2023. Based on the results of the Pilot Study outlined in the Report, Lopest has provided Proof of Proposal of their proposed package water treatment system as required by the Procurement Documents.  The Pilot Study and Report is available on the Town’s website at

Following are steps that have been taken since completion of the Pilot Study and Report:

  • The Town has issued the Notice of Award (NOA) to Loprest
  • A package including the NOA, Performance and Payment Bond forms, Agreement between the Town and Loprest for Procurement Contract, and Certificate of Insurance has been assembled and sent to Loprest.
  • The Water Treatment Equipment Package Procurement contract has been executed.
  • Anderson Perry moved into the 30% design phase and has nearly completed preparation of a Pre-design Report and we will be submitting it to Town staff for review.

Summary of the Phase 1 work that has been completed to date:

  • Task 1A: Project management – task on-going
  • Task 1B: Technical kickoff meeting/facilities tour – task complete
  • Task 1C: Water quality sampling, testing, and data analysis – task complete
  • Task 1D: Water treatment facility process and technology alternatives analysis – task complete
  • Task 1E: Treatment process equipment procurement request for proposals – task complete
  • Task 1F: Pre-design report – 95% complete
  • Task 1G: Assistance with land acquisition/easements – no work required to date for this task
  • Task 1H: Design surveying and mapping – aerial mapping services and design survey completed.
  • Task 1I: 30 percent design – task on-going, on schedule to be complete by deadline of December 31, 2023.
  • Task 1J: Rehabilitation of existing wells – task on-going
  • Task 1K: Public involvement/outreach assistance – task on-going, assisting Town as needed.

Adkins Engineering and Surveying: Design Survey

What’s Next:

Phase 1 Completion – December 31, 2023
Phase 2 – Town Hall Public Informational Meeting – February 27, 2024 *Date is subject to change.

Anticipated Water Treatment Facility Project Schedule:

  • Phase 1 (30% Design) – Dec. 2023
  • Phase 2 (Final Design/Bidding) – Sept. 2024
  • Water Treatment Facility Equipment Package Delivery – Aug. 2025
  • Phase 3 (Construction – 18 months) – Aug. 2026

Learn more about this project:

Town of Lakeview (“Town”) Town is home to approximately 2,300 persons and is in Lake County, Oregon. The Town is managed by a Town Manager. The Town Manager oversees the public works department, fire department, 9-1-1 dispatch, and town hall administration. The public works department oversees the Town’s municipal utilities (water and wastewater) and transportation system (streets). The public works crew operates and maintains the public facilities and utilities that are provided by the Town.

Town Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. More information can be found on the Town’s website or on our Facebook page “Town of Lakeview”.



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